Appointments can be made in any of our four clinics and our prices are consistent throughout the clinics.

Initial Assessment £52
Follow up Treatment £42
Extended treatment 45 mins £52
Pilates one to one 45 mins £45
6 weeks Pilates class £60
Car Ergonomic assessment 45 mins £52
DSE Workstation assessments (please call or email for more information)


Back Pain Package - Physio assessment, 2 Physio follow ups and 2 Physio taught 1:1 Pilates sessions. £190 (normally £226)

Neck Pain Package - Physio assessment, 2 Physio follow ups £115 (normally £136)

Sports Injury Package - Physio assessment, 3 Physio follow ups including exercise review and refresh. £150 (normally £178)

Marathon Runner Package - Physio runner specific assessment , 5 Physio follow ups £220 (normally £262)

(Prevention of injury or address current injury)

Full Package for Marathon Runner - Physio runner specific assessment, 5 Physio follow ups, 5 Physio taught runner specific Pilates - £400 (normally £487)

Get Body Fit to run package - Physio assessment, 2 Physio follow ups, 2 runner specific Physio taught Pilates £190 (normally £226)

(Checking biomechanics, mm lengths, running style, prevention of injuries or addressing old ones)

MOT - Physio assessment and 1 follow up - £78 (normally £94)

(Can be addressing any current injury or giving exercise review & advice, help with running problems, rehabilitation post operation etc)

Home Office Posture Pain – Ergonomic Assessment of home office £70 (normally £80)

If you would like to make an appointment or find out more, please don't hesitate to call 01428 609975 or email on

Common conditions we treat:

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Our Testimonials

 I would like to say that the treatment that I received from Jane in Elstead turned my health around completely.

I am very happy because I know that if I have another bout of back trouble I can trust Jane to give me the very best advice and treatment, all at  local clinic and reasonably priced.

Thank you very much indeed.

- Fiona Wragge-Morley
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